New Session, New Talent!
Photos by Abi Brennan and Doug Bienstock and Article by Abi Brennan.
(click on photos to enlarge)

 The first show of a new session is always exciting. While we're sad to see campers go, and excited to see remaining campers perform again, it's always a blast to see fresh talent!


The first act was Laura and Kim dancing!


They were followed by comedian, Mike W.


Afterwards Jordan sang "All That Jazz".

Next a group of Cass, Abe, James, and Andy sang two original songs written in guitar class.

Next was a dance featuring Emma!

Then it was time for Mike, B.J., and Jason.

Then with a little help from Todd, Dante and Mark flew paper airplanes.
Then we heard some rocking guitar playing!

Then we heard a rap from Rondell with help from Matt.
The audience got a show when Justin and Jimmy danced together.
Jamie and Russ slowed us down and played and sung to "The General".
We also got to hear Austin sing!
There was a remake of "Beat It" that was changed to "Eat It".
Then we had some Hawaiian Honeys sing a song and play guitar for us.
Will and Jeremy played instruments and then performed some killer ballet.
We also had John, Jon Jon, and Remy sing for us!
But one group of people that cannot be forgotten were the hosts. Sam, Lauren, Matt, and Simon. They did a great job!

Congrats to a fantastic job to the performers, as always. What a show!

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