Photos and Article by Doug Bienstock
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Recently, the author and fellow staff assistants Mike P. and Matt W. were victims of illness. After a quick trip to the doctors and a not so good prognosis, we were sent to isolation.

A shot of the lovely isolation hallway where Matt spent a good 48 hours, and myself and Mike spent 24 hours.

Time seemed to slow down almost to a stand-still. Matt passed the time wallowing in self-pity.

Living in quarantine, our meals were delivered to us. Eating Blair take-out really is not as exciting as it sounds.

Probably the highlight of isolation was the visitors! Of course all visitors had to stay behind the doorway. It felt a little bit like a prison visit.

Some of us enjoyed the health center reading material. I don't think he is ready just yet...

There was some light video entertainment.
Matt played some catch. With himself of course.

Hygiene is very important in the health center. There was plenty of time to get that 'lectric shave.

Lots of teeth brushing went on, too.

Of course, one of the most important thing to do when sick is to sleep a lot!

Watch out for those nightmares though! (Sorry Dave!)
At the end of the stay in isolation, all three Staff Assistants were cleared 100% healthy and ready to go back to work! Special thanks to nurses Tina and Alan for taking great care of us during our stay!

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