I Will Survive!
Photos and Article by Karly Weinreb
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"I've got all my life to live, I've got all my love to give and I'll survive. I will survive"


These lyrics by Gloria Gaynor are ever so appropriate for the evening activity called Survivor. A game testing a groups' seeking abilities and endurance, Survivor puts the team in teamwork.

Campers are all connected by one long rope. There are deep consequences for any group who lets go of their rope.


One counselor from every bunk hid with either food, shelter or water, while the other one stayed to lead their team to survival. The group needed to find all 3 tools for survival and they were each worth a different amount of points, and everyone has three lives.

But wait! It's not just a mere replica of hide and seek! Survivor also comes with three 'predators', who sneak up on a team and scare them. If a team member is tagged or if anyone lets go of the rope, a life is taken from them. Tonight, the predators were played by Dave Morgan, Kim ODP and Evan G.

Kim and Dave got a little carried away with the eyeliner...

And let the game commence!

Like true survivors, the Brorabian Knights dressed in all black to camouflage with the cover of nightfall.

Rose, Slim, and Duncan hid in bushes. They actually look quite comfortable!
Shhhh! The predators are about to pounce.

Duncan remained MIA throughout the whole game. He claims he was hiding by the health center, but no one ever found him!
Survivor was a huge success among everyone. The campers, counselors and predators all had a great time.


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