Photos and Article by Doug Bienstock
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Thanks to the lovely grounds at Blair Academy, Campus Kids was able to add fishing as an activity for the first time!

Abe and Dave, our resident fishers, took some campers out to Blair Lake to try their luck.

To catch some fish, you must bait your rod with a yucky, icky, slimy worm!

With the worm securely attached to the hook, fishers cast off from the bridge and hoped for a few bites.

Patience is a virtue in fishing. Some fishers must sit and wait, and wait, and wait.

After a few minutes of waiting, Sydney got a bite on her line! An intense battle ensued, fisher vs. fish. In the end, the fisher won and Sydney reeled in her catch.

Even though she won the battle, Sydney was still more afraid of that fish than it was of her! Dave was pretty excited though.

After basking in glory, and being called "Bass Master" by Dave, Sydney had to send the little sunfish back to its home in Blair lake.
Great job fishing everyone! Sign up for fishing the next time you can!

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