Dress Up, Dress Down
Photos and Article by Doug Bienstock
(click on photos to enlarge)

Dress Up, Dress Down! The game where fashion statements are made every thirty seconds. In this awesome evening activity, each bunk group must dress one camper in as much clothing as possible! The groups then dress down and count the articles of clothing. The bunk group with the most clothing wins!

Some groups dressed so heavily they could barely walk back from the dorms!

Once the groups arrived they immediately started to dress down.
All sorts of clothing was coming off!

There were gloves.


The girls wore plenty of bras. They only counted as half points though.

After what seemed like hours, the campers were starting to look more like their normal girths.

At last free! After wearing all that clothing, the campers were sweating like they just ran the New York Marathon! Great job to all bunk groups!

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