Whose Line?!
Photos and Article by Doug Bienstock
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Skit-in-a-bag! One of the many evening activities at Campus Kids, Skit-in-a-bag (hyphenated) is a take off of the popular show "Whose Line is it Anyway?" Each bunk group receives a bag with assorted props, and must come up with a brief skit that uses them all.

First up were The Werewolves of London! The kids were acting out some rule-breaking, by passing around a big red pot.

Until counselors Andy and Tom walked in and caught them red handed! After reading from a prop on alternatives to yelling, the group decided to play the Grey's Anatomy trivia board game! Andy, who religiously watches the show, took the group by storm.

Next up were the China Dolls with a skit about a carnival booth. Contestants from all walks of life played, most notably a cheerleader and a pirate!

Brohanasburg came onto the stage to tell a little story about Christmas. The drum work was excellent and the story was very entertaining.

Mucho Caliente put on their very own CK dating show! Contestant Jeremy had some very lovely ladies to choose from until...

His wife Vanessa came onto the set to take Jeremy back home to be punished! No World of Warcraft for two weeks Jeremy!

Godzilla and Japan chronicled the events surrounding the death of Fink the clown. After much deliberating they found the pirate Arslan guilty.

Last but not least, the Down Under Divas gave us all some advice. The solution to anything is to pick it up!

Great job Supers!

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