Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory!
Photos and Article by Abi Brennan.
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Willy Wonka was the Week Four play this year! Everyone worked really hard on it, and it was fantastic.

The show started out with Willy Wonka, a candy maker. He decided to allow five children to tour his factory if they could find a golden ticket in one of his candy bars.

Meanwhile, a young boy named Charlie was living with his entire family, and they were struggling to get by.

Charlie was sad every day when all the other children could buy candy from the Candy Man, and he couldn't.

He watched the other kids in agony, wishing he could buy sweets for himself, or food for his family.

The Candy Man was sympathetic to Charlie. He would occasionally supply him with a treat, free of charge.
Charlie and his family would read the news and find out about what was happening. They learned about the kids that were finding the golden tickets every day.
All the winners would be interviewed with a parent or guardian every day.

Soon, it was Charlie's birthday. His Grandpa Joe had been saving up and bought him a candy bar in hopes that Charlie would win the tour and the lifetime supply of chocolate. However, he didn't win.

Soon winter came. One day, Charlie found a gold coin buried in the snow. The Candy Man let him buy some candy.
It was time for the tour. Willy Wonka led them around his factory and showed all the visitors what happened there.
Unfortunately despite his urgent instructions and rules, the children were all tempted and tried his new inventions.
The Oompah Loompahs came out, to sing and dance.
They told the visitors that they should once again listen and pay attention.
Unfortunately, the children continued to not listen to directions.
Sadly, Veruca Salt was turned into a blueberry after eating gum she was told not to eat.
The Oompah Loompahs repeated themselves and their message once again.
Sadly, Charlie couldn't resist temptations and had to try a fizzy drink. The bubbles made him and Grandpa Joe rise into the air and the only way to get down was to burp. They joined the group again, thinking that no one had noticed.
Next to be taken away was Violet. She was declared a bad nut by the squirrels.
The Oompahs Loompahs came out one last time to leave their very final warning.
The last child to go was Mike T.V. after obeying instructions not to touch a new television. He was turned into the doll sized version of himself.

The tour was concluded. But instead of leaving with his lifetime supply of chocolate, he confessed to trying the fizzy drink. Willy Wonka was so pleased, he told Charlie the real reason for the tours. He wanted to find his successor, and he decided that Charlie was perfect for the role!

Congrats again, to the cast, crew, and directors. And a big thank you for everyone who helped.

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