Breakfast of Champions
Photos and Article by Karly Weinreb
(click on photos to enlarge)

Every year Campus Kids has a big Ultimate Frisbee tournament. Frisbee is easily one of the most popular sports here at CK and the tournament had a great turnout.

Tuesday night, Ultimate Frisbee-ers Lauren and Matt gathered the teams for their first practice. The teams were given names that pertained to the theme-breakfast.

Campers young and old were eligible to play, and the teams each had a wide age range.

After a quick team meeting, they split up the fields and each team practiced basic skills.


Players worked on their forehands...

their backhands...

  and their cuts.
Next, they scrimmaged with each other.
The Canadian Bacons went in for a quick team cheer before their game.
One things for certain- CK has a lot of Ultimate Frisbee spirit! Stay tuned for the finals!

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