Kiddie-Pool Kickball!
Photos and Article by Abi Brennan
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Kiddie-Pool Kickball is a new evening activity for CK-NJ. The Dupers were the first to try it out last night!

The lights were turned on down by the turf and the campers were told to dress in clothes they didn't mind getting wet.

The campers lined up to be split into two teams. From there, each player needed a partner to be with at all times.
The two pitchers lined up for the first pitch!

Like in regular kickball, the kicker lines up to kick a ball. And then from there they have to run to the first base.

As long as the kick isn't declared foul, they need to link arms with their partner and run to the first base.

If the ball is caught after you kick it, or someone tags you with it, you're out.
However the bases aren't really bases. Instead they are kiddie-pools filled with water. Two feet must be inside at all times!
There were diligent players that stood ready to run to the next base...
And then there were the players that frolicked in the water instead.
The fielders and the batters switched off positions.
And the game got intense!
Unfortunately for Mitch, he wasn't paying enough attention to his surroundings.
I think everyone had a lot of fun playing in the pools, and Kiddie-Pool Kickball was a success!

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