Clash of the Titans!
Photos and Article by Doug Bienstock
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It was 4:43 PM Eastern Standard Time... Time. The clouds had rolled in, thunder heads had clapped, and an ominous gloom had settled on the campus of Blair Academy. It was time for The Battle of the Sundial.
The Super heroes:
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine! Robo Guy! Heroic Hippie! Heartfire! The Super Coloring Book!
And the Super Villains:
The Terrible Turrah! 'X' Lord V! The Dehydrator! Professor Skids!

First up the Super Coloring Book set out to vanquish the Dehydrator! The Coloring Book's super crayons were not enough however. Luckily the Dehydrator's weakness was discovered and the Super Coloring book defeated the Dehydrator with a gulp of H20 and a flurry of white-soled shoes!

Unfortunately, the Terrible Turrah came onto campus and began to litter the grounds. Just in the knick of time, Heroic Hippie appeared and obliterated Turrah's unhealthy habits. With some groovy peace signs and a crew of litter cleaners, the Terrible Turrah was no more.

With a cackle and a twirl 'X' came into the foray to take on Robo Guy. Fighting her off with technology was just no good. Luckily, campers joined the fight and defeated 'X' with her weakness, glitter!

Just as things looked up, Professor Skids came to sicken the entire campus! Have no fear though, Heartfire was there! She vanquished the Professor with her horrible screaming and lovable heart. Everyone let out a collective sigh as the evil was surely over. But where was the sundial?

It was Lord V all along! He had stolen the Sundial in the name of fun food, brought evil upon Blair Academy, and sought the end of Campus Kids as we knew it. Just as I was about to cry, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine challenged Lord V!

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine's Adamantium claws pierced through Lord V and severed his limbs! The evil lord was finally defeated once and for all.

In a show of manliness and might, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine hoisted the sundial above his head for the campers of Campus Kids to revel in. No one can challenge the mighty TR and his troupe of super heroes!

Not even John McCain?

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