Dance Show!
Photos and Article by Abi Brennan
(click on photos to enlarge)

Last night was the first ever Dance Show at Blair Academy!

The show was hosted by Jimmy N., Jimmy C., Joel, and Bert.


The first dance  was Kim and Devon.

Afterwards came the freshman sophomore dance!
The juniors came on stage, ready to wow the crowd.
Next came the staff assistant boys, telling us what they never wanted to hear us say.

There was even a special appearance from Adam B.
The tap dancers took the stage like the royalty they are, with "King of New York".
They might have been aiming to blind us with their shirts, but instead they blinded us with their dance skills!
Jimmy and Justin put the hip, in hip hop on stage.
The Dupers graced the stage next!
Dave and Steph showed us new sides to them, that we had never seen.
Things got creepy when Disturbia came on stage.
Sadly, it was time for the finale.
Great job everyone, keep on dancing!

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