Drums and Gymnastics

Photos and Article by Abi Brennan
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It's always very exciting when a brand new idea is incorporated into camp. So it was double the excitement when the news spread that there would be a combined Drums and Gymnastics Show!


According to the show, Ste and Jase are the laziest counselors around. So by order of Tom, they were forced to do something fun for camp, and actually work.

It was announced they were going to hold a gymnastics and drum show, so they decided to sing about it.
They even decided to add some music!
The drumming that occurred on stage was intense!


Dave even played the xylophone!
The first set of gymnastics came out, ready to rock.

The freshman girls strutted their stuff and their skills on stage.
Emma, Liz, and Austin showed us some moves next.
The junior girls twirled their way on stage next.
Members of the younger division came out for one big performance together.
The second junior group came on stage to show us what they could do.
Next was the gymnastics instructors turn to show us moves that made us want to cringe and cheer at the same time.
It was time for the finale. A few last tricks were performed...
And that was the end. Great job everyone!

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