Haunted House!
Photos and Article by Doug Bienstock
(click on photos to enlarge)

Throughout this past week, scary things have been happening over in the Harlem Globetrotters. After hearing screams, crashes, and bangs, enough was enough. Myself along with some of the most respected members of the CK community decided to investigate.

The first thing they encountered was a crime scene that had popped up around the Alaskan Chillers.

From the start, things did not look good. The investigators tried to piece together what had happened.

Mysterious notes were found lying around the scene, as well as the victim's body. But wait! Just as the investigation was wrapping up, a mummy appeared and scared us all out!

Next, the investigators decided to check out the mysterious Room 201...

The room had magically been transformed into the Tomb of Chief! Chief's Tomb haunted Room 201, turning out lights, creating zombies, and scaring all the investigators!

Last but not least, the investigators were greeted by a friendly demon-guide inside Freeman Hall. He uttered some warning about not coming out, but that didn't bother any of the brave investigators.

You know its a bad sign when a body comes out of garbage can, and there are bloody messages on the wall.

In order to escape, the investigators needed to find the five hidden keys that would unlock the door. After hours of searching, the five keys were finally found. The investigators also found the Sundial with Tom Peck's shaven head sitting on it!

Great job setting up the haunted houses to all groups! Only ketchup packets were harmed in the making of the haunted houses. Special thanks to our brave investigators!

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