Intercamp Games (Soccer)!
Photos and Article by Abi Brennan
(click on photos to enlarge)

Today was a really special day for Campus Kids. No, not just for Campus Kids New Jersey... for Campus Kids New Jersey, Connecticut, and Minisink! Today all 3 Campus Kids from all 3 different states met for our Intercamp games! Here we played soccer, basketball, and ultimate frisbee.
While all the games were happening simultaneously, the first game I ventured to was soccer!
First the team warmed up to prepare for their intense games.
They practice their dribbling and their shooting.
The goalie practiced stopping the ball.
Once they were ready to play...
The game was ready to begin!
New Jersey fought hard to gain control of the ball!
Our players passed the ball to teammates and worked hard on offense.
While the game was going on, I had to keep moving to other games playing to take pictures there...
But when I got back for the second game New Jersey was still playing an intense game!
Our goalkeeper fought hard on defense to keep the other team from scoring.
The second game ended in a shoot out! New Jersey won!
New Jersey was proud of their hard work and playing!
But in true New Jersey style no one could resist a funny face.

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