Intercamp Games (Ultimate Frisbee)!
Photos and Article by Abi Brennan
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As previously written, today was a really special day for Campus Kids. No, not just for Campus Kids New Jersey... for Campus Kids New Jersey, Connecticut, and Minisink! Today all 3 Campus Kids from all 3 different states met for our Intercamp games! Here we played soccer, basketball, and ultimate frisbee.
The last Intercamp game I visited was Ultimate Frisbee.
When both sides were ready the team would throw to the other.
When thrown to our side, our team would run for the disc.
We made excellent throws!
We also had great defense skills, when they were throwing.
There was even a special "grenade". When the frisbee was pointed at you, you would "blow up."
While waiting to be subs, our team waited patiently and cheered each other on.
At the end of the game, everyone was a good sport.
Even though frisbee won both games and did extremely well...
They still wanted to show off their game faces.

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