80's Lip Sync!
Photos and Article by Karly Weinreb
(click on photos to enlarge)

What better way to celebrate 80's night than to have an 80's themed lip sync?


First up was Brohanasburg with Don't Stop Believin by Journey.


 If Journey ever decides to replace their band mates, they should seriously consider looking at some members of Brohanasburg


Next were the China Dolls commemorating the late and great Michael Jackson with one of his biggest hits, Beat It.
They took the lyrics 'Beat It' very literally.

The Werewolves of London left their smiles back in their dorms and took with them their robot faces.

Peter belted his heart out as Mr. Roboto, and together the entire group had the audience rolling on the floor laughing hysterically.


Next, Mucho Caliente decided to 'Whip It' into shape.


Their luminous clothing and energetic choreography fit the 80's theme perfectly


Godzilla and Japan resurrected the Saved by the Bell gang by singing their theme song.
Last but certainly not least, the Down Under Divas jitterbugged to Wake Me Up Before You Go- Go
In the end, first place was given to Mucho Caliente and the Werewolves of London. Happy 80's Night!

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