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Photos and Article by Doug Bienstock
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Extra, Extra, read all about it! Summer Camp allows kids to call home with their cell phones!

Campus Kids New Jersey has been featured in today's issue of The Star Ledger! The article, entitled "Summer Camps Make the Call: Leave Your Cell Phones Home," explores the cell phone policies of various summer camps in New Jersey. Although the policy at Campus Kids is seen as the norm here, it is actually quite rare. Most summer camps require campers to leave their cell phones at home, never to been seen until the end of camp! Here at Campus Kids, campers are afforded the opportunity to call home with their cell phones once a day. Even though we are all at camp having such an awesome time, it's still important to talk to the family and share with them the awesome experience. Read the full article at: Summer Camps Make the Call: Leave Your Cell Phones Home,  or pick up a copy of the paper today!

Many people on the Campus Kids Staff picked up a copy to read.

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