Photos and Article by Karly Weinreb

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As the clouds parted and the sun busted through, so did the hula hoops!

First up were the freshman girls!

Next were the sophomore girls.

As the hoopers whittled down, Molly and Fallon kept going on...

...and on...

...until they needed to be put through a series of tests.

They jumped in the air,


stood on one foot,


walked up and down a hill and held onto the hoops for dear life.

Two hula hoops later, the winner was declared!

The audience went wild.


Last but not least, the three junior girls.
The girls amazed everyone with their hula-ing tricks!
Some could hula multiple hoops,



hula in unusual positions and on weird body parts.
Others could ro sham bo while hula hooping!


They ended with one last group hoop, which I couldn't resist joining.


Fantastic hooping everyone!


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