Behind The Scenes!
Photos and Article by Abi Brennan and Karly Weinreb
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This is the first 2009 combined photo journal! Abi will be writing in pink, and Karly will be writing in green.

Staff Assistant, what does it mean? Well there are 3 different Staff Assistant teams. Team A, Team B, and Team D. Team A is in charge of life guarding, filling the water jugs, bringing and putting away the sports equipment for activities, handing out snack, taking care of the lost and found, program changeover, and beginning the setup of evening program. Team B is in charge of helping in the office, the art rooms, and the health center, doing lots of jobs that are vital to camp in all of them. Lastly, Team D is in charge of taking pictures for the website during the day and night, making photo journals, and sometimes helping type things for the Sundial. You may be wondering where Team C is. Well, Team C no longer exists, and it's jobs have been distributed between teams. Contrary to popular belief, we are not counselors in training, nor do we have bunk groups.

Our first team, is Team A! We're going to go in alphabetical order, so no one gets upset!


Emma is a wicked guitarist, and she even writes her own songs. She can find humor in almost everything.

Emma also is helpful, and willing to help teach people to play the guitar!


Evan may seem intimidating at first, but he's one of the nicest guys you will meet! He's part of the ROTC program at his school, and he loves it.

The only reasons Evan seems intimidating is because his drill sergeant yelling is very loud, and  he is the captain of his school's physical fitness team. Otherwise, ditto to what Abi said about him being one of the nicest guys in the world!



Lizzy is very dedicated to rowing for her school's crew team! She's very relatable and easy to talk to.

I often find Lizzy helping others with their jobs after she finishes hers!


Matt is one of the best ultimate Frisbee players I know. He made the national Frisbee team this year, and recently played in a tournament in Minnesota.

Matt recently got a puppy and he couldn't think of a name for it, so it is now known as Puppy.


Meg is the next female Michael Phelps because she's a fantastic swimmer! She has a sense of humor that everyone can appreciate, and wears her sunglasses at night.

There's never a dull moment with Meg! She keeps everything interesting, and usually funny.


Mike is also a very dedicated swimmer, and he runs cross country too.

One thing Mike and I have in common is that we both love squirrels!

Following Team A, is Team B! Once again, in alphabetical order.

Besides making very attractive faces for the camera, Adam runs track and has an infectious smile.

Adam also has the appetite of 4 people, and eats more than the average person does in one day, for one meal.

Ali B!

Ali is a huge part of her school's theater program, and has a beautiful singing voice.

Sometimes known as Alib, Ali B. is one of the most trustworthy people you will ever meet.

Ali R!

Ali is a master flautist. Her hair reminds me of sunshine, just like her personality.

She has an contagious laugh that makes everyone laugh with her, even when they don't even know what's funny.


Jibran is really easy going. He plays baseball for his school team and he also plays the bass.

Did you know that Jibran is actually a very good gymnast? I've known him for years, and I just discovered that this summer!


Lauren loves hiking and doing outdoorsy things. She's not afraid of killing bugs or voicing her opinions.

Lauren also loves to write, and writes for her school newspaper!


Mandy sometimes seems like she can be pretty quiet!  But once you get to know her, she's a great person to talk to. She's also a really good listener, and ultimate Frisbee player!

Mandy is very good at analyzing situations, and she makes sure that she understands a problem from every angle before she draws conclusions, which is a very unique trait.


Our final Team, is our Team! Team D! In alphabetical order, of course.

If you hear songs from Wicked blasting from the Team D office, you can bet that Abi's in there singing along. You can't escape the witty comments when you're with her.

I'm going to pass on talking about myself in the third person.


Doug is the glue of Team D. He is also the voice of reason. He tells Karly and I when we're being ridiculous, and fixes all of our mistakes.

Doug is the biggest 24 guru you'll ever meet. Don't disturb him on Monday nights at 9:00 or he'll go all Jack Bauer on you.



When Karly and I aren't terrorizing the rest of the world with our music, you may have a tough time finding her, because she's always with different people! Karly is nice to everyone and has lots of different types of friends at camp. She's also a excellent lacrosse goalie!


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