Turbo Time!
Photos and Article by Abi Brennan
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Turbo! A new CKNJ game! The supers were the first to try it out last night.

The objective of the game is to find another person of the opposite gender, and basically interview them and ask questions in a time limit.

Then when time was up, partners were traded, and the game kept going.

Counselors and campers joined in and everyone talked to new people!

It was a great way to get people to make new friends, and to learn new things about their own friends!
Soon when lots of rounds happened, it was time for a change of scenery.
The game was brought into the theater!

The campers were given microphones, so that everyone could hear the question they were asked, and the answer they gave.

This was especially exciting, because the campers got to think of their own questions.
With minutes left in the activity, the campers were given a special treat of a mini dance party!

Everyone had fun until it was time for canteen!

Great job supers!

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