Crossbows and Catapults!
Photos and Article by Abi Brennan
(click on photos to enlarge)

The objective of the game was to keep your trash can standing. You could protect it by taping cardboard together around it, but you couldn't tape it to the ground.

The construction was intense, and everyone worked hard to make sure that their trash can would stay standing.

Final preparations were made along with last minute checks, and it was time to start the game!
Everyone was proud of the work they did, and their final results before the challenge began.

The staff set up the sling shot and got the dodge balls ready, and it was time to start shooting at the forts!
The ball was placed into the slingshot...
The shooter secured it...
They wound up...

And shot, in hopes of hitting the fort!
Great job Supers! A new evening activity has been made! Everyone did a great job!

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