The Best Thing In The World...
Article and Photos by Abi Brennan
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"The best thing in the world, is to love someone, and they love you back."
-Jason Anderson.
It was finally time! Campstock IV!  Lot's of preparations went into making this event spectacular.
And then... it was time!
There was an official entrance from Bro Meets World.
Everyone else had already shown up in their best tie dyes or hippie clothes.
We brought out a moon bounce...

There was a dunk tank...
We had a cotton candy booth, that was very popular!
You could spray paint t-shirts with official Campstock logos...
Dizzy bat was popular again, like at Rock of July.
The staff assistants used the sling shot to shoot t-shirts to campers.
There was a fear factor food edition. The contestants ate a sludge like mixture as fast as they could!
There was a dance to the Black Eyed Peas hit "I Got A Feeling".

Everyone was dancing and having a great time!

There was a quick break for dinner...
And then it was back to the bowl for music!
(There was music before dinner, but I've decided to put all the music in one part.)
There were staff bands...

There were campers bands...

There were even staff assistant groups.
The Dupers also went on stage to sing some last songs together.
There was a skit about frito pie!

The crowd was still rocking hard, even though it was getting very late.
Last to perform was Dave ˛ and Ste's Amigos.
Things were being shot at the crowd from various spots on stage.
Dave˛ and Ste's Amigos kept on playing with special guests.
After the last song was played, the crowd screamed, begging for more!
As the last song was performed, the final bits of confetti fell from the sky.
Campstock IVIVwas amazing, just like it has been in previous years. Everyone that performed did such an amazing job, and all their hard work really paid off. All in all, I think it's safe to say everyone had fun. Whether you were at the booths, rocking out to music, or just hanging out with your friends, Campstock 4 was a blast! Something that you'll never forget, for sure.

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