The Wizard of Oz!
Photos and Article by Abi Brennan.
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The Wizard of Oz was the Week Eight play this year! There was amazing acting, singing, and dancing. It was a great show, and so much effort went into it. Congrats everyone, on a phenomenal job!

The curtains began to open, it was time to start the show!

Dorothy came out to sing a song about what life would be like "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".

Dorothy wished she could fly over the rainbow.

Dorothy's Aunt Em and Uncle Henry met at noon for a surprise that Dorothy had planned! It had been one and a half years since Dorothy and Toto had gone to live with them! But suddenly...

A twister! Dorothy was very frightened. Aunt Em and Dorothy began to run to the storm cellar, when Dorothy realized Toto was in the house!
By the time she got Toto, it was too late to go to the storm cellar, and they got caught in the tornado!
Soon we met three munchkin friends. They were deciding what fell out of the sky!
It was a house! It landed on the Wicked Witch of the East!

When they met Dorothy, they were frightened of her. But she told them it was her house that killed the witch! They soon saw her as a hero for freeing them!

Then all the munchkins came out to thank Dorothy, along with the Good Witch of the North.
The munchkins were so thankful, they sang a song for Dorothy.
Dorothy's house had saved them all! They told her how to get to Emerald City to see the Wizard of Oz. He could get her home to Kansas!
However The Good Witch of The North warned her that there were many evils out there, and that as long as she had the kiss of The Good Witch, she would be protected. Dorothy also put on the ruby slippers that belonged to The Wicked Witch of The East.
Meanwhile, two munchkins were setting up a scarecrow in munchkin clothes, so he would be able to scare crows more easily.
Dorothy and Toto came across the clearing and decided to sit down for a rest.
Then they saw the scarecrow! After helping him off his post, he informed them of all the things he could do, if he only had a brain.
Elsewhere, a Tin Man was rusted shut after spitting into his hands, and crying a tear.
Luckily, his fiancée Holly came along, and used his oil can to get the rust off.
She was terribly sad. After his accident, a Tinsmith came and repaired him all out of tin. But when putting him back together, he forgot to give the Tin Man a heart! So the Tin Man felt he could not marry Holly, while he didn't have a heart. She was so sad, that he let her cry on his shoulder before she ran away. He was rusted and stuck once again!
While following the yellow brick road, Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Toto happened across the Tin Man. They used his oiling can to help him become free.
He explained his dilemma to them. He told them how he loved Holly, but he didn't have a heart so it wasn't fair to marry her. They agreed to allow him to go to see The Wizard of Oz with them, so he could get a heart!
They continued walking together until they heard a huge roar! A lion came out and attacked Scarecrow, Tin Man, and tried to attack Toto!
But it turned out that he was actually terrified of everything, including himself. He wished he had some courage so he could live up to his title of "King of The Forrest".
Dorothy invited him to accompany them to see The Wizard of Oz.
Together, they were "Off To See The Wizard!". They all followed the yellow brick road!
They came across a sleeping guard outside the gates to The Wizard of Oz.
The guard handed them some goggles to protect their eyes after the Lion scared him, and he allowed them all inside.
The Wizard of Oz told them he would grant their wishes, if they killed The Wicked Witch of The West!
They had no difficulty finding her, because she found them!
She summoned her Winky guards to protect her and to capture the intruders!
They tied up The Scarecrow, The Lion, and The Tin Man.
She couldn't tie up Dorothy because she had the Good Witch of the North's protection.
The Scarecrow had a plan! He realized that because she was wearing so much raingear, she must hate water. So Dorothy threw a bucket of water at her, and she melted!
Dorothy grabbed her raingear to prove to the Wizard they killed her! However before she melted, she whistled, summoning her guards!
The five of them went back to see the Wizard of Oz with all of The Wicked Witch's raingear. While they were there, they discovered he was a fraud, and just a common man!
Everyone was very upset that the Wizard couldn't help them get their truest desires after all. But the Wizard said he could take Dorothy back to Kansas in his hot air balloon with him.
However, the Wizard was in a hurry, and by the time Dorothy and Toto were ready to go with him, he had already left without them!
Suddenly, The Good Witch of The South appeared! She was there to help everyone because the Wizard couldn't.
She told the Tin Man that he had a heart because he admitted his love for his four new friends, and he still loved Holly!
She also told the Lion that he had courage all along, because he was able to fight the Wicked Witch's soldiers!
She told the Scarecrow that he had brains all along, because he was able to think of the plan to kill The Wicked Witch!
Lastly, she told Dorothy if she clicked her heels three times, she could go home to Kansas with Toto.
Meanwhile back in Kansas, Aunt Em and Uncle Henry were so upset because they missed Dorothy and Toto so much.
But then Dorothy came back! They were so happy to see her and Toto.
The family was reunited again.

Everyone who had any part with helping make this play as amazing as it was, should be so proud of themselves. Cast, directors, crew, scenery, costumes, make up. Great job to everyone!

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