New Jersey 2007

Fine Arts

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Photos and Articles by Matt Lurrie


A wander down the right wing of the first floor of Van Winkle Hall would lead you to the HCAC Shack (Head Counselors [and] Activity Coordinators).  Therein, you would find Mark, our Fine Arts Coordinator, planning all the fine arts activities for the day, as well as spending hours coming up with petty insults aimed at this reporter, but that's neither here nor there.


Let's begin in the basement of Van Winkle, mostly because it is the closest to where I now sit writing.


Potters rejoice as we explore ceramics.

Once made, the clay is fired in the kiln, with the hope that explosions won't occur.  Thus far, we've had a pretty good record.


Across the hall is the loudest of the fine arts: wood.

You may also recall our trip to Franko's Wood Shop.  

A quick walk around the perimeter of the quad would take you to Trevorrow Hall, where most of the other fine arts take place.

And Mr. Trevorrow greets campers as they enter.
A favorite is candle making.
Fashion Design, including sewing and silk-screening, has been introduced.

Graffiti is also offered-in a two step process.  Campers first design their image on paper...

Then put it on the graffiti board.

Bead looming overlooks the graffiti board, but these designs are more intricate and painstaking.


But a staple of the schedule is, simply, Arts and Crafts, the projects differing each day.  Mark frequently or, rather, daily, makes the project of the day known at announcements. 

Today, it happened to be kaleidoscope art.

In a lot of activities, campers can really express themselves, and receive recognition for their efforts.  Whether in a drama show, or soccer tournament, it seems that the physical and performing arts generate the most applause.  There is nothing especially unjust about this, but I'd like simply to take this time to recognize all of those people whose true talent shows through on the canvas rather than the field.

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