New Jersey 2007

Secret Elf

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Photos and Articles by Chloe

(Not Matt Lurrie)

(He was at Frisbee)


You may have heard of Secret Santa, even Secret Buddha, but never Secret Elf.  For the last two weeks the younger girls division, My Generation, along with female staff assistants and miscellaneous others were doing just that.  Each girl became a secret elf, and in the dead of night, put the present in front of the elf's door.  It was a mystery we all had to solve with the few clues we were given.  After many wrong guesses, it was time to finally find out the truth.

We waited in the courtyard of Washabaugh Hall for everyone to arrive.  And at last, it was time to reveal ourselves to our assigned person by giving our final gift.

Some gifts that were given included bead fuses, bracelets, lanyards, drawings, and even candy (the latter of which was not made in Trevorrow).


It was a time filled with laughter and joy but the real excitement came from the surprise planned by Jess and Emily. 

Though you're probably reading from home, we cannot risk letting the cat out of the bag, so this surprise will be revealed after it is "performed."
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