Photos and Article by Abi Brennan
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Every year CK-NJ has a huge carnival to celebrate Independence Day! However due to the never ending rain we are experiencing this summer, it was moved to last night. So on Wednesday, July 8th, CK-NJ celebrated it's very own Rock of July!

Setting up for Rock of July was a lot of work, and many people helped.
Before Rock of July, everyone was told to wear red, white, and blue and head to the porch of Ivy for a barbecue.


People went all out in severe preparation for the festivities ahead!

Everyone sat around with their friends and ate barbecue!

Then it was time for what we had all been waiting for... ROCK OF JULY!

People poured into the bowl, not knowing what to expect.
Everyone was excited to see that there was a lot to do there!
There was a face painting booth!
A kissing booth!
A spin art booth!
A suck the sour booth!
A T-shirt spray painting booth!
A dizzy bat challenge!
A makeover booth!
And many more!
Another aspect of Rock Of July that was extremely well liked was the live music.

James and Teri sung "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" with the Dave Squared Experience featuring Ste's Amigos!

Click here for more Rock of July Videos!

It was an extremely fun and successful event for CK-NJ!

Lots of fun was had, and it was a great night for everyone! Happy belated Independence Day, America!

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