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Work at one of our two weekday sleep-away camps.
--  New Jersey (Blairstown) or New York (Port Jervis) --

Click here to find out how to apply for a summer job


There is nothing as fun and rewarding as working at summer camp.

Campus Kids staff members are terrific people who love kids, work hard, have lots of fun and make a difference in the lives of the campers every day.

"As a first time staff member, I liked everything about camp.  It is very well structured and all the staff were excellent and always offered a helping hand if needed.  Working with people from all over the world is something you will only do a few times in your life and it is amazing how we all bonded together.  I know that some of the people at camp have changed my outlook on life.  It has also given me more experiences in relating to children and has strengthened my will to become a teacher."

Campers and parents tell us that the reason that they love Campus Kids the most is the staff.
Our staff are enthusiastic and love their work because:
  • Our kids have fun.  We let each camper choose his/her own activities every day.  Counselors are working with kids who want to be at their activities.
  • Our counselors have significant responsibility.  All of our counselors are both bunk counselors and activity specialists.  We empower them to make decisions and utilize their creativity.  Counselors are not baby-sitters who just escort the kids from one activity to the next.   There are no junior counselors.
  • Everybody has the weekends off!  Since we are a weekday sleep-away camp, the entire staff is off from Friday night until early Monday morning.
  • We have a diverse camper and staff population that makes the camp community really interesting.
  • Our emphasis is on caring for the individual needs of every person in camp. and we try to create an atmosphere in which each person feels safe to be her/himself.  We avoid regimentation and excessive competition.
Staff have weekends off -- from Friday night to early Monday morning -- and may leave camp or stay for the weekend.
Each of our camps is 1 - 1.5 hour from New York City and close to such attractions as Cape Cod, the Berkshires, the Catskills, the Pocono's, Delaware River and the Jersey Shore. 

We invite you to find out more about our camp, the staff positions available, staff qualifications and the application procedure.  Click the links below.
Read more about being a
staff member at Campus Kids:
Read more about each of our camps
and see lots of camp pictures:
Staff Positions Available New Jersey Camp
Our Philosophy Minisink Camp (N.Y.)
Camp Activities
All Staff Have Weekends Off!  
Ideal Campus Kids Staff Member  
"Which Campus Kids camp I should apply to?"  
"What if I am not a U.S. citizen?"  
Staff Salary Guidelines  

Read more about applying to be a staff member at Campus Kids:

"How do I apply for a summer job at Campus Kids?"

Print out the Staff Information Packet and Application Form (pdf files).

Fill out the online the 2013 online application.
Feel free to print our application and send via snail mail or fax.

Contacting Campus Kids

Campus Kids Home Page

Feel free to call us, toll free, so we can answer your questions:
Campus Kids-New Jersey: 800-633-7350 (year-round)
Campus Kids-Minisink (NY): 888-621-2267 (summer camp office: 845-856-6433)